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Welding is an ancient industry that has existed since the Middle Ages. Thousands of years ago, people already realized just how important it was to fuse pieces of metal together. Whether it was for aesthetics or pure functionality, welding has always been a major part of pushing society forward. Here at Olive Hill Welding & Fabrication, we pride ourselves on continuing this process by providing people with superior welding services.
From small, single welding projects for individuals to the largest scale commercial jobs, our company has over 30 years of experience using our welding prowess to create and repair items. Learn more about the different types of welding we are well-versed in and their unique benefits below.
Skilled in every major form of welding


MIG and TIG welding are two different kinds of arc welding. They both use heat generated by an electrical current that melts the bonding material with the base material to form a joint that unifies them. While the process is similar, they offer unique benefits. TIG welding, while much slower and more costly, offers greater control and creates beautiful, precise welds. MIG welding is faster and easier, resulting in a much cheaper overall process. While its welds aren’t as strong and clean as TIG welds, they are great for larger, thicker materials that don’t need the precision. Both these methods can be used on aluminum, stainless and most forms of steel.

Portable Line Boring and Bore Welding

Bore welding reduces the diameter of a bore by adding metal to the inside of it. This builds back up worn areas to get them back to their correct size and shape. We can do this with a portable line or a bore welding machine for larger, more difficult jobs.
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